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Level 15 Answerslevel 15 answers

Below are all solutions you need to complete level 15 of popular app for iPhone, iPad & Android, Hi Guess The Food. If you have made it this far, then don't stop now! You have almost reached the last level, go you! Cyber high-five! Its been a tough old road, but we hope we have helped [&hellip

Level 16 Answers

Here you will find all the level 16 answers, currently the last level of the game Hi Guess The Food. Spoiler Alert: Taking a look at the soutions below may enable you to complete the game and thus suffer bordom until the next update or at the very least until you find another game to [&hellip

94 Answers

 New game alert! 94 Percent All new game 94 Percent for iPhone and Android devices is now available. If you love Guess The Food you will love this app! The point of the game is to guess what 94% of other people have thought of when given a word, sentence or image. Almost like word [&hellip